We Take Child Safety Seriously

Brother and sister

We believe that Josephine, Texas is a great place to raise a family. Many of us on the force have families of our own. That is why keeping families, and especially children, safe is a top priority for our department.

The City of Josephine has its ordinances to protect minors. We have ordinances in place to regulate where registered sex offenders can and cannot live, and our police officers enforce a juvenile curfew to help keep kids out of trouble.

Here are some additional tips to keep your children safe:

  • Make sure your children know their names, address, and phone number in case they need to ask for help
  • Do not eat anything given by a stranger (and always inspect your children’s Halloween candy!)
  • Do not climb a fence or go into a yard without asking permission and with guardian supervision
  • Never go anywhere with a stranger, even if they claim to be a “family friend.”
  • If anything makes them feel uncomfortable, it is okay for your child to alert an adult and ask for help

To read our full Chapter 16 “Child Safety” laws, click here: 20170331-child safety-84942.


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