outdoor warning siren

Outdoor Warning Sirens

Warning Sirens

The City of Josephine’s Outdoor Warning Siren system consists of 2 sirens placed strategically within the city. Sirens are activated simultaneously to provide a general alert for the entire community. The Outdoor Warning Sirens can be activated by either the Josephine Police or Josephine Volunteer Fire Department.

The Outdoor Warning Siren system uses certain tones to alert residents to the imminent approach of severe weather (including a tornado warning, destructive winds in excess of 70 mph, and reported hail of 1.25″ in diameter or greater) and other emergencies requiring immediate notification. Radio and television as well as public address systems mounted on fire and police vehicles, may also be used to provide information to our citizens, as needed.

Siren Testing

The Josephine Police Department sounds the City of Josephine Outdoor Warning Siren System the first Wednesday of every month. These audible tests are meant to ensure the sirens were working properly and to help prepare for any severe weather that threatens Josephine.

When testing the sirens, the Police Department will sound the sirens on days when skies are overcast and gray but not threatening. However, when severe weather is in the forecast, sirens will not be sounded unless there is an actual emergency.


If you should hear the warning sirens, go inside and seek shelter immediately. Turn on a radio or television and listen carefully to instructions. WBAP Radio 820 AM is the designated Emergency Alert System (EAS) station for the DFW area.

Stay indoors until the danger passes.