Requesting Public Information and Records

Please read this entire section before submitting a request for a police report. The City of Josephine does not accept verbal records requests under the Freedom of Information Act/ Public Information Act.

Click here for a copy of our Records Request Form.

Please be aware a criminal offense report, and associated items such as videos, photos, etc. are not considered public information and will not be released unless the case was closed by conviction (someone was arrested, convicted and received jail/prison time and/or deferred adjudication and/or a fine). The only portion that can be released in most cases is the public information portion and suspect information if a suspect(s) was arrested and charged. The public information portion contains a summary of the crime, the complainant’s name, address, date, time and location of the incident the responding Officer’s name(s), the incident number, and is generally all the information needed by your insurance company if you need the report for a claim.

To request the public information portion, please specify you are seeking the public information report and send your request via only one of the following methods:

Fax: (972) 843-8377

(Include your postal mailing address. We do not fax or e-mail responsive documents.)

(See below for information to include in the request.)

In person: 201 Main Street, Josephine, TX 75164

US mail: Josephine Police Department, Records, PO Box 99, Josephine, TX 75164

In your request, provide as much information as possible so the report can be located, such as the:

  • JPD Incident Number (sometimes referred to as a case number or offense report number)
  • Name(s) and DOB
  • Driver’s license and/or SSN of the parties involved
  • Date/location (address) of the incident and type of incident
  • Specify “public information report” and include your postal mailing address

If the case was not closed by conviction, and you submit an open records request for the whole report (or if you do not specify “public information report” in your request), your request will be forwarded to the Texas Attorney General’s Office for a ruling as to whether or not we can release the full report, a process which takes around 60 business days.